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From the fields

In transport, operational excellence lies in the hands of those who actually do things

Whether they are owners, operators, truck drivers or operational managers... In the field, out on the open road or in warehouses.

We provide them with the tools and assistance they need to streamline their collaboration with decision-makers in transport and supply chain organisations.


Fretlink embodies the next generation of transport organizers

Using our proprietary Transport Operating System technology, we optimise the implementation and execution of transport plans, guaranteeing equity, cost effectiveness and quality every step of the way.

We’re setting a new standard of collaboration between carriers and shippers.

A standard where everyone wins.

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Carriers need to optimise their truckload

And to make the most of every mile they run.

We provide them with load offers that intelligently complement their business. All paid at market rates, within 30 days.

How does it work?

Define the offers you want to receive for each vehicle.


Receive qualified opportunities, only keeping the ones you prefer.


Get paid 30 days after the delivery date.


Review your performance with a dedicated contact.


Optimise your margins with our additional services.

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Shippers need to achieve operational excellence in their organisation

And reconcile securing capacity, quality of service and control over their budgets.

We help them secure, manage and optimise their organisation by leveraging our proximity to regional carriers, our Transport Operating System and our operational teams.

How does it work?

Tell us about your lines and their operational constraints.


Choose the support program best suited to your needs.


We connect our tools to your management system and configure your lines.


Fretlink takes care of the organisation and execution of your operations.


You receive regular and detailed reports on your statistics and KPIs.


Green roads

The market expects new solutions to limit its ecological footprint

And initiate the decarbonisation of road freight transport with reliable and proven methods.

Fretlink has teamed up with WeNow, which offers a unique methodology on climate action. It is the only French solution recommended by the UN. The solution is based on three key steps:


A rigorously detailed carbon footprint, certified by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe).


Actions to reduce the impact of each kilometer travelled such as the choice of clean vehicles and the optimisation of their route.


Participation in concrete projects to neutralise your carbon footprint (reforestation, renewable energy production).

Discover our company from within

Founded in Paris in November 2015 by Paul Guillemin, Antoine Le Squeren, Didier Duval and Frédéric Menou, Fretlink brings together talent from the worlds of transport, entrepreneurship, research and development.

In a nutshell
04 co-founders
05 years of activity and R&D
6000 carriers
300 shippers
64/100 gender equality index

Our latest news

There we detail our view of the transport industry, open up about how we operate, and communicate the major steps in our development.