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your transport organisation

Adopt a new standard

Market challenges

The role of the supply
chain is evolving

In particular, the road freight transport which has become a lever of optimisation and competitiveness for many companies.

Reliable capacity is secured, an irreproachable level of service is provided, transparency is improved throughout the chain and the environmental footprint is reduced. All while controlling costs.

For supply chain and transport departments, reconciling these objectives is a major challenge nowadays.

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Transport Operating System

Modern problems require modern solutions

Fretlink represents the new generation of transport organisers. We orchestrate road freight flows with a streamlined approach based on equitable and sustainable collaboration between the doers and the decision makers.

To build such a standard of collaboration, we’ve developed a global purchasing and management solution, the Transport Operating System, based on computer modeling of transport operations to make the realities of the sector more performant, fluid and clearer.

Thanks to in-depth knowledge of shippers’ needs and carrier capacities, our Transport Operating System identifies the most relevant flows and counter-flows to rationalise transport plans and optimise every single trip, benefiting everyone involved.

It centralises all the steps in the chain via the same interface and facilitates exchanges, allowing a tight controlled management of your operations along the process.

What are the benefits of Fretlink?

Every mile is run for a (good) reason

Optimising vehicle fill rates allows you to provide a balanced price, which sufficiently rewards the carrier and fits into your overall budget strategy. The environmental impact of transportation is also minimised to the bare minimum.

Where the quality of service delivered meets your high standards

The centralisation of your operations within our tool, alongside the automation of many time-consuming tasks, allows our teams to organise and manage your operations while controlling risk and guaranteeing an expected level of service. We help you limit delays-related penalties, while stimulating orders from your customers.

Improved understanding of your performance

By digitising each step of the process, we’re able to guarantee a greater granularity of information, providing you with a more accurate reporting that will help you to make better decisions.

How does Fretlink fit within a transport organisation?

We offer two programs to take care of transport for our customers: Lead PL and Freight Forward. In addition, a certified carbon offset solution can accompany either of these programs.

Whatever you decide, Fretlink will make sure we understand every carrier’s daily activity, that each of them is equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to work on your flows, and that Fretlink can work seamlessly alongside your other solutions.

Our experienced operations team orchestrates and supervises all the flows we manage, guaranteeing controlled leadership, the ability to act on and being able to manage contingencies when necessary, as well as regular and detailed feedback of your performance.


Lead PL

Centralize your suppliers management

Lead PL is a program designed for shippers looking for a partner who can centrally organise and supervise their transport requirements. It means you can maintain commercial relationships with your carriers, but entrust us with the day-to-day management.

  1. You alone determine the lines and carriers you want us to manage
  2. Fretlink connects your carriers and our tracking solution teams
  3. We manage your operations in a centralized and digitalized way
  4. We jointly define a SLA on status and alert escalation
  5. You enjoy real-time visibility over your transport
  6. You receive regular performance reports on your operations
  7. We ensure a back-up carrier is in place for your lines, when necessary


100% of our managed carriers are equipped with our tracking solution


100% of the transport solutions managed by Fretlink can be analyzed in real time


100% of managed operations are analysed in our reports


Freight Forward

Securing capacity on your lines

Freight Forward is a program designed for shippers looking for a partner who can commit to the capacity provided and the level of service delivered. It allows you to take a fresh look at your transport purchasing by integrating the costs of capacity and quality of service into your overall pricing strategy.

  1. Fretlink's consulting department will provide you with the most appropriate rates according to the target capacity and the specifications
  2. Fretlink positions its qualified TSP partners to operate on your lines
  3. We manage all your transport requirements centrally
  4. You benefit from real-time visibility over the progress of every shipment
  5. You receive regular performance reports on your operations
  6. We make operational recommendations to improve our organisation


We guarantee a 100% catch rate on secured flows.


We deliver a quality of service equal to or better than 98.5%.


100% of managed operations are analyzed in our reports.

Fretlink + WENOW

Green roads

Limit your environmental footprint

In partnership with

Green Roads offers a specific approach to shippers looking for concrete solutions to limit the environmental impact of their transport organisation. Alongside effective ways of demonstrating the results of their efforts.

Fretlink has teamed up with WeNow, which offers a unique methodology on climate action. It is the only French solution recommended by the UN. The solution is based on three key steps:


A rigorously detailed carbon assessment, tested and validated by Ademe, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency.


Actions to reduce the impact of every mile traveled, such as choosing cleaner vehicles and optimising their routes.


Taking part in practical efforts to neutralize your carbon footprint (reforestation, renewable energy production, etc.).

Our experts at your service

We start every collaborative project with a meticulous study of the lines you want us manage, underpinned by reliable operational data. It’s essential we understand all the specific characteristics of your business. That’s why our sales team has been built around 6 key sectors of activity.