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Optimise your vehicle
load rates

Drive your growth

Reality in the field

Managing a transport company in 2021
is a challenge

You need to keep your vehicles filled at all times, and at the right price.

All while making sure every shipment arrives on time to guarantee an irreproachable level of service for your customers. This includes, by the way, preparing drivers’ schedules and managing the payroll of your entire staff.

With all this in mind, you also need to learn new tools and invest in your fleet, staying up to date with market expectations.

Fretlink support

Supporting growth of regional carriers

Helping you sustain and build your business is one of our top priorities. It’s the only way we can secure reliable capacity and provide quality service to our shipper customers.

To do this, we offer loads that intelligently complement your business and are sufficiently profitable. And we pay on time.

Fretlink then supports you with your operations, giving you the right tools you need to manage and monitor all your shipments.

Our everyday work alongside shippers also helps us recommend the right investments for tomorrow.

Fretlink support

how does it work?


Define the freight you’re looking for

Configure your needs based on your current operations.


Get the right opportunities

Select only the most relevant loads to optimise your shipments.


Monitor your performance

Identify impacts on your level of service to improve the quality you deliver.


Selection of a vehicle type, size, and maximum weight


  • Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
  • Bretagne
  • Auvergne–Rhône-Alpes
  • Corse
  • Hauts-de-France
  • Centre–Val de Loire
  • Grand Est
  • Occitanie
  • Île-de-France
  • Provence-Alpes-Côté d’Azur
  • Nouvelle-Aquitaine
  • Pays de la Loire
  • Normandie
No surprises

30-day payment guarantee

We pay for every shipment 30 days after its delivery date.
This means you can operate with Fretlink and have total peace of mind regarding your cashflow.

Available on Fretlink

Examples of transport offers available with Fretlink



26P / 10.4ML / 5432 kg

Température contrôlée 40t, …

Sangles, cornières



FTL / 13.6ML / 23067 kg

Pas de véhicule spécifique

Barres d’arrimage



7P / 10.4ML / 2436 kg




FTL / 13.6ML / 26119 kg




33P / 13.2ML / 4102 kg

Température contrôlée

Remorque sèche

Fretlink's commitments'

Green roads

Want to upgrade your fleet or operating procedures?

We’ve developed a specific solution for carriers wanting to limit the environmental impact of their transport organisation. It’s all based on the evolution of vehicle fleets towards clean engines and more eco-friendly usage.

To access our eco-efficient services

01Evolve your methods

  • Regular monitoring of your environmental impact
  • Training sessions for your drivers in eco-driving
  • Eco-efficient itinerary recommendations
  • Sign up to the Fretlink Charter
To be eligible for Green Roads projects

02Evolve your fleet

  • EURO6 vehicles > 90% of your fleet
  • Average age of the fleet < 6 years old
  • Adopt telematics or embedded IT
  • Detailed emissions monitoring and CO2 reductions
To be a priority carrier on Green Roads projects

03Demonstrate your efforts to reduce CO2 emissions

  • Reduced CO2 emissions demonstrated with Fretlink,
  • CO2 target status achieved or issued by a recognised external organisation
  • Evidence of reduced CO2 emissions with this organisation

Sign up to Fretlink

Enter some key information to start creating your company profile.

Why fill out your company profile?

Your time is precious. That’s why Fretlink only ever sends you relevant transport offers.

The more we understand the composition of your fleet and your needs, the more we can offer loads that complement your business.

A very simple tool

Your activity

Inform us on the lanes you’re active, or want to operate

Targeted load offers

You receive relevant offers and choose when to accept them

A few rules to safeguard your
independence and our trust

Prior to any collaboration with Fretlink,
you need to be aware of the following.



We kindly ask all our partners to stay up-to-date with their community freight forwarder license and URSSAF declarations.



The freight we offer you will never represent more than 20% of your business. That’s how we guarantee your independence throughout our partnership.