Business case

Transports M.D.S

Finding complementary freight to keep up during tough times.

Sofian Bendiab is the founder and director of M.D.S, a company he created in 1999. He started all by himself and kept focused on transports with light weight for almost 10 years, then specialized into heavy weight activities.

With more than 20 years in business, Sofian now has a whole team to help him. He has 25 drivers, Morgane who is in charge of billing, and Linda who helps him manage operations. Reactive and client-focused, the team has earned trust from many customers across the years.

He built its activity from the ground, by gaining and retaining regular flows for automotive pieces manufacturers and construction material industrials, who mostly deliver to specialized retailers.

Diversify to optimize every part of its activity

« We heard about Fretlink, reached out, and the next day our account was created. »

Sofian Bendiab

No hidden negociations, transparent and extremelty fair prices, quick payments, appointments scheduled in advance and with no surprises ... Overally, Sofian is very pleased by its use of Fretlink and the contacts he's had with the team.

Forced to slow-down by the pandemic

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things for Sofian. Car sales in France collapsed during lockdown, and with a demand mainly coming from the automotive industry, M.D.S was among the first carriers to lower - if not stop its trucks activity.

Then, he started to rely on Fretlink to find the right loads - that would allow him to remain active. Covering many lanes for shippers to and from Belgium, Fretlink was quickly able to offer relevant freight and allow Sofian to adapt to this new situation.

Activity zones

According to him, the way collaborates with its partners in such a dfficult contect clearly stands out :

« I'm always in contact with the same people, they are all really nice. With Fretlink all appointments are set, there's never a bad surprise. They do apply many operational processes that simply don't exist with other players, such has freight exhanges. »

Sofian Bendiab

Remaining positive while expecting things to come back to normal

Even if he knows things will never actually be the same, Sofian remains positive and tries to put the bad news aside. There's no choice, as the most important thing now is to put drivers and trukcs back on the road.

Transport offers

Negativity is brought to us everyday by TV and radio, we need to put it aside. I hope companies will all reopen soon. If they get back on track, we get back on track. »

Sofian Bendiab

Les key milestones

of the partnership between
Transports M.D.S and Fretlink

First meeting between Sofian Bendiab and Mike Grenier
Account creation for Transports M.D.S, demo and training
First load accepted
Partnership reinforcement


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