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On the road of carbon neutrality

New challenges

The low-carbon transition, a new priority for players in the world of transport

Both shippers and carriers are keenly aware of the urgent need for concrete efforts in relation to the carbon transition.

Buyers are becoming increasingly demanding in this area, and it’s becoming necessary to convince consumers of the validity and effectiveness of your approach.

However, despite the importance of this issue, transport stakeholders still lack practical solutions allowing them to take action and control their environmental impact.

Facilitating the transition

What practical steps can you take to limit your environmental footprint?

The low carbon transition is clearly a strategic issue, which must be addressed, above all, with a proven and verifiable methodology.

To support transport players in this process, Fretlink has chosen to join forces with WeNow, a recognised player.

WeNow has numerous labels and certifications and has been recognised as a United Nations Climate Champion since 2016. That is also the reason why their solution is recommended by Climate Neutral Now, an initiative launched by the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCCC).

Green roads

A unique offer in Europe to limit your environmental footprint

In partnership with

The solution designed by WeNow and Fretlink is based on three complementary stages: measuring, reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions from road goods transport.



A detailed carbon assessment, assessed and approved by Ademe, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency

The first step is to establish a scientifically proven method for calculating emissions. This is the foundation on which all reduction and offsetting efforts are built. However, not all approaches are equal.

That’s why we apply a combination of methodologies from the Ademe reference framework, in order to obtain the most rigorous and therefore most reliable calculation possible.

Ademe’s reference framework
  • Average consumption by vehicle type
  • Weight of goods transported
  • Distance between loading and delivery points

Generally speaking, the methods for measuring CO2 emissions stop there. However, Fretlink and WeNow have decided to supplement them by adding the following criteria:

WeNow + Fretlink
  • Ademe’s reference framework
  • Engine generation (EURO5, EURO6)
  • Type of engine (traditional or alternative fuel, LNG, hydrogen, electric, etc.)
  • Topology of the route (taking into account hilly plains, mountains, etc.)
  • Miles driven on empty approaches

This way of calculating CO2 emissions is much more realistic, giving the Green Roads method a reliability index that is higher than other standards on the market.

Standard methods
Enriched methodology (applying standards + actual measurements taken during operations)

Accurately measuring CO2 emissions generated by your business enables you to identify levers that can be used to reduce your footprint.


Actions to reduce the impact of every mile traveled

The second step is about reduction. Based on precise measurements of CO2 emissions from a given organization, we implement a series of measures to reduce the amount of carbon emitted for each mile traveled.

It all starts with a commitment from our partners to use more environmentally-friendly methods.


Evolution of the fleet

Choices about the types of vehicles being used are the first lever to reduce CO2 emissions. We consider two complementary factors.


Eco-friendly route planning

All transport orders formalised as part of the Green Roads solution include a route recommendation.


Eco-driving training for drivers

For all this to work in practice, the use of cleaner engines and better thought-out routes also requires some knowledge of eco-driving, which we make sure to pass on to all drivers involved in the Green Roads lines.

The generation of vehicles used

By favoring more recent and efficient EURO6 standard vehicles, fuel consumption is reduced, which reduces CO2 emissions.

  • EURO4
  • EURO5
  • EURO6

The fuel consumed

There are several fuels alternatives that can reduce up to 60% of the CO2 emissions.

Even if these kinds of technologies could drastically decrease the environmental footprint, not all alternatives are the same, and we take that into account.

  • B100
  • Hydrogen
  • LNG
  • CNG


Want to position your fleet as part of the Green Roads project? Please get in touch.

If you want to develop your fleet or your methods to reduce your carbon footprint, we can help.

Take advantage of Energy Savings Certificates (ESC) to upgrade your fleet

All Fretlink partners looking to reduce energy consumption related to their business are eligible for Energy Savings Certificates (ESC).

This mechanism aims to promote actions and investments designed to reduce energy expenditure, particularly in road transport. In particular, the following efforts are rewarded:

Replacing vehicles with new high-performance vehicles

Onboard telematics for monitoring how a vehicle is driven

Training drivers in fuel-efficient driving

Monitoring fuel consumption with private cards

You want to benefit from the French CEE ? Contact us and we will connect you with GEO PLC, a Fretlink's partner that can help you on this matter.


Practical measures to contribute to neutralize your carbon footprint

The solution developed by WeNow and Fretlink goes beyond the reduction of CO2 emissions by both allowing shippers to offset their emissions and planting trees in France in order to help protect biodiversity.

Every project is carefully selected according to rigorous criteria.

All the carbon offset projects endorsed by Fretlink are certified by the UN. In addition to their benefits on CO2, they also help generate jobs and ensure the energy transition of developing countries. Tree planting projects in France are carried out and monitored by the ONF (Office National des Forêts), which guarantees the sustainability and adaptation of French forests to climate change.

We intelligently combine international projects identified by the UN and national reforestation efforts implemented by the French National Forests Office.

Communicate your CSR efforts to your entire audience


A differentiating factor for your customers (B2B)

Our methodology will allow you to consolidate your CSR strategy but also meet your customers' specifications.

A service that speaks for you to the general public (B2C)

Your CSR efforts motivate consumers to choose your products.

Proof of your commitment

You’ll receive a certificate proving your positive impact on the environment.


Want to limit your organisation’s environmental footprint? Contact us to start your own Green Roads journey today.

If you’d like to include your transport partners in the process, we can provide the relevant support.