Business case

KEVEL Transports

Remaining independent to warrant the standards of service.

Kevin Eloy is a truck driver by training, and has been in the business for over ten years, on behalf of various transportation companies. For the last 5 years, he's been thinking about creating his own company, to be independent and work in his own way, prioritizing above all the quality of service. Kevin took his chance in January 2019 - after having passed his diplomas and certificates - and founded Kevel Transports.

Being its only employee, Kevin struggles to deliver upon his clients' standards. He operates mainly in Île-de-France and in all the neighboring departments (North, 60, 45, 89, etc).

Activity zones

A new partner to optimize its trucks load

Contacted at the end of 2019 by the Fretlink team to carry out a first transport, Kevin immediatly accepts and sees his accesses created in the process. The next day he begins to accept offers, as soon as he sees that it is relevant to complete his activity.

Two weeks later, he meets Caroline, Transport Partnerships Manager at Fretlink. They quickly felt a common understanding of the stakes on road freight, then studied in more details Kevin's development prospects, as well as the functioning of the tool.

Transport offers

« I feel privileged, because I am regularly offered freight on my lines that interest me. I have a form of security, serenity, which allows me to organize myself more effectively. »

Kevin Eloy

Adapt to circumstances to maintain your business

Like the majority of professionals in his sector, Kevin was not spared from the Coronavirus crisis. Still driving his vehicle, he chooses to reduce the airfoil to stay safe.

By his side throughout the period, Fretlink teams are adapting its area of ​​activity to help him find relevant freight in this new context. While maintaining prices identical to those practiced in the past:

« Fretlink helped me by continuing to trust me during COVID, by offering me work in operational conditions that I know and master. It allows me to accept business safely during this period. »

Kevin Eloy

Digital tools made everyday work easier during lockdown

Now lockdown is over, Kevin wishes to continue working with Fretlink. He sees this relationship as a win-win exchange: one who works well and delivers good quality of service is rewarded. Furthermore, this is completely in line with the philosophy of who motivated him to create his business.

Les key milestones

of the partnership between
KEVEL Transports and Fretlink

Kevin creates KEVEL transports
Account creation for KEVEL Transports and first transport accepted
Kevin meets with Caroline to discuss further its development perspectives
Partnership reinforcement


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