Business case

Transports Caudron

Optimizing the profitability of every truck with the right backloads.

Company Transports Caudron Frères was founded by Michel Caudron in 1964 at Leuville-Sur-Orge, in the department of Essonne. It was then transformed into a limited liability company (1974) by his two sons, Régis and Bruno Caudron. Since its foundation, the family business has developed quite well. With extensive activity around its warehouse, located in the Paris region and neighboring departments, the company owns a fleet of 60 trucks EURO 6, from 20m3 to semi-trailer.

Now led by Guillaume Caudron, Régis’ son, the company managed to diversify its activities. Transports Caudron are now working for big retailers, industries working for construction sites, as well as waste management companies.

Optimizing every part of the activity to grow better

Guillaume's priority №1 is to ensure trucks are always fully loaded when they take to the road. With his team, they focus on finding backloads to avoid empty journeys. That's how Guillaume ensures the profitability of each and every one of its vehicles.

Guillaume’s logic for growth is quite simple:

“We fill our trucks. We only accept new clients when it’s done. New customers mean new vehicles. A part of our fleet is actually rented, from several industry-players, including TIP.

We would buy new vehicles, but which engines should we focus on? Electricity, natural gas? The B100 green fuel seems to be a good solution: you keep diesel’s flexibility, with no change in the refueling process, and lower the CO2 emissions, allowing deliveries inside urban centers.”

Guillaume Caudron

Beyond the freight activity, Guillaume obviously seeks to optimize every aspect of his business, to both save time and serve his customers better. Between monitoring, feedback, CMR processing, billing, follow-up calls etc… He knows some tasks would benefit from being automated, and from specific information being centralized.

But should we speak about the technology solutions he can access today?

Existing solutions do not communicate well with each other

The Caudron company uses a TMS, allowing to meet customers’ expectations, mainly on operations monitoring, live reporting and PODs (proofs of delivery) transmission. The eCMR was fully integrated with their former tool... but with the latest it became more complicated, and requires upstream processing.

Guillaume and his team also use freight exchanges, but it is very time consuming. You have to sort everything out yourself, and they rarely have time for this. Moreover, the prices are far from being attractive.

A team always tuned to the needs, with a proven business and technology expertise

After he met Caroline, in charge of transport partnerships in Île-de-France (Greater Paris area), Guillaume started looking into the Fretlink solution.

“In the beginning, I wasn't ready to change. Everybody here mostly used traditional tools and that worked pretty well. But our customers’ needs are evolving and you have to adapt to match their expectations.”

Guillaume Caudron

Fretlink's positioning, which lies on building strong partnerships with regional players, has quite seduced Guillaume. A 2nd appointment will be enough for Caroline to create a Fretlink account in the name of Transports Caudron and train Guillaume to use the solution.

“Nobody at Fretlink has ever pretended to teach us how to do the job. There is strong technological expertise, an understanding of transport issues, which are there only to support our own growth.”

Guillaume Caudron
Up to

2 hours

saved per day to find additionnal freight

Expressing needs for backloads, receiving the right opportunities

The idea with Fretlink is to be as transparent as possible on the lanes you want to develop, according to the flows you operate on a daily basis.

Activity zones

You specify the activity, the available trucks, and the capacity you want to fill with additional freight.

Fleet description
Transports are anticipated

12 to 24 hours

before pick-up, allowing the team to deliver upon customer's requirements

Fair prices and end-to-end support in operations

The true difference Fretlink brings to the table is load prices. Each transport is fairly remunerated and allows generating sufficient margins. By seeking to optimize its current flows, Guillaume can focus on his top priority: make his fleet profitable, on every Km run by his trucks.

Every week

+2% profit

per vehicle which routes are optimised with Fretlink

By only receiving qualified and well paid transport offers from Fretlink, Guillaume Caudron's teams save up to 2 hours a day. They also benefit from a better visibility on upcoming transports - anticipated 12 to 24 hours before pick-up - and can therefore make every effort to deliver the expected Quality of Service.

In addition, Guillaume is backed by Fretlink's operational teams during the transport’s execution, easing feedback and management of unexpected situations. To him, Fretlink also stands out after operations. He exchanges frequently with Caroline about its performances.

Fretlink's tool allows you to see clearly what has an impact on the quality of service. For Guillaume, it's way simpler: you immediately understand the issues and see how to improve the quality on a given lane.

Try new services and receive guidance towards the ecological transition

Renewing its fleet with trucks that are compliant with new environmental standards concerns everyone. If customers ask for it, you must have it. Guillaume Caudron knows that he needs evolve with them.

“Initially, we do not have the required finances. Such an investment requires borrowing, and this is done over the long term period. So what we need is visibility into the future. To get a clearer picture of tomorrow’s usage, in order to make the right decisions.”

Guillaume Caudron

Guillaume is also testing new services before Fretlink officially launches them. Even though he is already a TIP customer, he is very interested in the UTA-Fretlink card, which helps to better control fuel consumption per driver and to save on the purchase price of diesel fuel.

He would also be interested in trying out the social and environmental performance rating services, in order to match the demands of his customers.

Les key milestones

of the partnership between
Transports Caudron and Fretlink

Meeting of Guillaume Caudron and Caroline Darma
Creation of the Caudron transport account and team training
First transport accepted
Testing of first services


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